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Martin Schlotz
Vessel 2636 €420.00


Starting out as an apprentice potter in France, German artist Martin Schlotz has since developed a thorough mastery of material and shape. His thematic series of vessels, each exploring different glazes and finishes within distinctive architectural forms, have been widely exhibited around the world. Bon is proud to offer these three unique porcelain pieces, signed and numbered by the artist.

Product Details

Glazed porcelain
Dimensions: 7 cm Ø (rim), 26,5 cm height, 11 cm Ø (bottom)
Colour: Speckled grey and white plain porcelain, white polished porcelain, dark turquoise satin glaze
Care: Gently wash with damp cloth
Origin: Handmade in Laudert, Germany
Edition: Unique – This item is one of a kind

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